Trainee - Project Management
Axiata Digital Labs

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  • Degree BSc in IT/Computer Science or relevant professional qualification
  • In-depth understanding and experience with GCP, AWS, HC, and other cloud platforms.
  • Strong analytical skills to identify business gaps and opportunities, and to formulate effective action plans.
  • Exceptional communication, negotiation, and relationship management abilities.
  • Track record of successful joint business planning, marketing strategy development, and ROI-driven campaigns.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel)


Key Responsibilities:

  • Managing the partner levels of each Cloud service provider (CSPs) : Managing partner levels for each CSP involves understanding their respective partner programs, criteria and requirements to progress throught various partnership tiers.
  • Joint Business Plans Creation: Develop and execute Joint Business Plans for GCP, AWS, and HC outlining mutual objectives, strategies, and initiatives to drive business growth for all parties involved.
  • Partner Services Funds (PSF) Management: Maintain Partner Services Funds (PSF) effectively, ensuring optimal utilization of funds for mutual benefit.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan: Develop a comprehensive marketing plan for cloud solutions, utilizing the capabilities of partner marketing studios, AWS Partner Advantage, HC Portal, and other relevant tools to drive effective end-to-end marketing campaigns resulting in measurable ROI.
  • Relationship Management: Establish and nurture strong relationships with stakeholders at GCP, AWS, HC, and other CSPs. Regularly engage in discussions, seek feedback, and collaborate to maximize mutual opportunities.
  • Identify Business Gaps and Opportunities: Analyze the market and current strategies to identify business gaps and opportunities. Propose action plans to bridge these gaps and achieve measurable goals aligned with business objectives.
  • Designated Point of Contact: Serve as the go-to person for GCP, AWS, and HC separately, being the primary liaison for communication, queries, and collaborations.
  • Development of Advanced Sales and Marketing Frameworks: Develop frameworks for sales and marketing strategies, ensuring clarity in methodologies, processes, and measurable outcomes to drive efficient growth.

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