Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Sri Lanka

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About Saltside
Hey there!! It is good to see you interested in our open position for the role of Senior Site Reliability Engineer.
Time is valuable, so we will not jibber jabber about ourselves. Rather you can read about us at your own leisure at https://saltside.se/
Nerd facts
People come in many different shapes, and we are open to everyone.
At Saltside, who you are is important - but never limiting. Our team represents people of different origin, sex, religion and beliefs.
Our mission is simple;

  • Our job is to build the easiest listing platform for buying, selling and recruiting.
  • We sell increased exposure on our platform, with minimal manual involvement from us
  • We want to offer our employees a fantastic place to work

Whether you have an academic background or just a lot of experience is less important to us, what we are interested in is someone with a good track record in similar positions. To be successful in this role you likely have at least 5-8 years experience as a Site Reliability Engineer.
In this role, you’ll find yourself in the core of the technology stack at Saltside. The back end is largely written in Go, Ruby, and some Node.js. On the data store side, we use MongoDB, DynamoDB and MySQL. For caching we use Redis primarily, but also some Memcached.
Our search engine is powered by Elasticsearch.
Our infrastructure and development are heavily invested in Docker and we strongly believe in writing scalable software that is the same for all environments.
You will own a lot of decisions for how features are implemented, how they fit in our microservices architecture, and what technologies are best suited to solve the problem at hand.
We don’t expect you to know all technologies - what is important is that you can demonstrate that you are interested and able to pick up new things on the run.
We also expect you to bring good work ethics, a lot of smarts and fun to the table. Saltside values engineers with strong opinions on how to best write software.
Since we are a fully remote company, it’s a plus plus if you have worked in a remote organisation previously.
Wearing the hat of a Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Life is always exciting as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer! This is what it would look like at Saltside:

  • You will be expected to be self-driven and take ownership of projects for the most part.
  • You will work on challenging problems involving cloud and backend technologies. Sometimes these problems are not very well defined and PoC’s are required to clearly understand the problem statement along with possible solutions.
  • You are expected to be innovative and in touch with the latest technology trends.
  • You will also play an active part in solving a lot of infrastructure challenges with code.
  • You are expected to have knack for applying right architecture solutions to fulfill the requirements.
  • You are expected to be someone relies on data and telemetry to make informed decisions while being on-call and resolving production issues.
  • You will be expected and be vocal about making a case and getting a buy-in for new ideas and solutions.
  • You will be expected to lead and mentor juniors.

Compatibility Check
Our search will come to an end when we find someone :

  • 5 - 8 years experience working as a Site Reliability Engineer
  • Who has experience building new automation to expand and maintain AWS infrastructure with different tools such as Ansible, Puppet, AWS Cloudformation.
  • With experience in identifying new tools and processes to improve the Platform.
  • With hands on experience in provisioning and deploying infrastructure that may be required for any projects of the Backend team.
  • With good experience optimizing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines.
  • Who has ability to develop and maintain internal tools used by the Product Development teams in their workflow.
  • Who can develop scalable software in a number of languages - hands-on in Golang is a must. Knowledge of Ruby or Nodejs will give you an added advantage.
  • Who can ensure the code we develop is well tested and written with sound engineering practices being followed.
  • Who can design software for high availability and resilience.
  • Who has experience working with Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch and MongoDB will give you an added a advantage.

Familiarity with the above-mentioned tools and skillsets might help, but even if you do not, do apply if you think you’re right for the job!
Interview rounds
Screening call: 15 mins
Round 1: Technical Discussion (60 mins)
Round 2: Technical Discussion (60 mins)
Round 3: Manager Round (45 mins)
Round 4: HR round (45 mins)

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