Third Space Global JOBS

Third Space Global is a British owned and BOI approved company that believes we all live in a global community full of opportunities, but also social responsibility. We are building the world’s first global and scalable teaching force full of intelligent and driven problem solvers. From centres in India and Sri Lanka, our tutors use web technology that we have developed to deliver online teaching to school children in the UK. Before you start, you will receive world class training designed and delivered by our British team of education experts. They will also provide personalized ongoing support to help you develop your English communication skills and teaching expertise.

  • Third Space Global

  • Third Space Global (Pvt) Ltd, 3rd Floor, Bellatrix Building, Orion City, 752/5 Dr Danister De Silva Mawatha, Colombo 9, Sri Lanka.
  • 011 365 8502
  • www.thirdspaceglobal.com