Sabaragamuwa Provincial Public Service Commission JOBS

During the era that Sri Lanka was a colony under the British rule, the Public Service Commission was established under the Ceylon (Constitution) Order in Council dated 15th May 1946 in order to carry out the task of appointing officers for Public Service. Accordingly, the executive powers in respect of the appointments, promotions, transfers, disciplinary control and dismissal were vested in the Public Service Commission. With the establishment of the 1st Republican Constitution in the year 1972, the Public Service Commission, which functioned independently over a period of 26 years, was abolished and the authority in respect of the Public Service was vested with the Cabinet of Ministers. Then, with the promulgation of the 2nd Republican Constitution in 1978, the Public Service Commission was re-established and the appointment of its members under Article 56(1) was done by the President. The Public Service Commission operated according to a delegation from the Cabinet of Ministers.

  • Sabaragamuwa Provincial Commission

  • Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council Provincial Council of Sabaragamuwa New Town Ratnapura Sri Lanka
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  • www.sg.gov.lk/sgpc/