Road Development Authority Sri Lanka JOBS

The RDA is a major Civil Engineering Organization with specialized skills in Highway and Bridge Planning, Design, Construction, Maintenance and Highway Safety. The organizational structure is designed to carry out the functions assigned to the RDA and to achieve its goals and objectives.

The RDA organization under the Board of management has the Director General as the Chief Executive Officer. The Director General is assisted by 5 Additional Director Generals and 18 Directors to carry out various functions.

In the organizational structure of the RDA, there are 19 functional divisions of which 18 divisions are headed by a Director except for the PropertyManagement & Revenue Unit. The Directors of the 18 divisions are reporting to the Additional Director Generals, to the Director General or directly to the Chairman.

  • Road Development Authority Sri Lanka

  • Road Development Authority "Maganeguma Mahamedura" No: 216, Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha, Koswatta, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka.
  • 011 288 7542
  • www.rda.gov.lk