National Livestock Development Board JOBS

The National Livestock Development Board was established in 1973 under the State agricultural Corporation Act No. 11 of 1972. It’s field operations commenced in 1974. The redefined functions of the Board in 1977 were aimed at arresting the diminishing trend in the national herd and to concentrate on an intensive upgrading program of cattle both for the milk & draught, and to salvage as many breedable female cattle as possible. The broader objective of the Board is to uplift the socio-economic standards of the rural farmers. The many activities constitute the supply of breeding stock, to maintain and develop the Board’s Coconut Plantations, production of value added milk products and the education and training of farmers in the systems of integrated crop and livestock management. To meet these commitments the farms of the board were geared to serve the farmers in varying agro climatic regions while livestock breeding programs were also tailored to suit those climatic variations in different zones.

  • National Livestock Development Board

  • National Livestock Development Board P.O Box 1748, No 40, Nawala Road, Narahenpita, Colombo 05
  • 011 250 1701, 011 250 1702
  • www.nldb.gov.lk