National Education Commission JOBS

National Education Commission was established under the National Education Commission act No. 19. of 1991 to make recommendations to the President, on educational policy in all its aspects, with a view to, ensuring continuity in educational policy and enabling the education system to respond to changing needs in society. Review and analyze such policies and plans in operation and where necessary, to recommend to the President, changes in such Policy Plan or plans.

Comprehensive National Education Policy includes the following matters.

Aims and goals of education; the structure of the educational system – pre-school, primary, secondary tertiary, higher, informal, nonformal, adult, special, professional and religious; the establishment, location and distribution of educational institutions, including methods and criteria for admission of students and recruitment of teachers; the content of education, including medium of instruction, diversification of curricula, text books and learning materials, the place of religious knowledge, observance and practice, assessment and evaluation, the examination system, certificates, diplomas and academic awards and recognition of qualification; recruitment, placement, disciplinary control and professional growth of education service personnel, including teachers, para -education personnel, supervisors and administrators; resources for education, including the mobilization of community participation; and ancillary services for education including mid-day meals, health and dental services, physical education and sports.

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