Morison PLC JOBS

MORISON PLC Morison is a fully Sri Lankan owned company with seven decades of experience and working relationships in the country. At Morison’s our purpose is to offer wellness and a better quality of life to Sri Lankans. We accomplish this through the provision of trusted pharmaceutical and OTC products that are efficacious and of high quality at an affordable cost. As one of the oldest and largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Sri Lanka, we take pride in providing for the healthcare needs of the private and public sector. In addition to manufacturing high quality pharmaceutical and OTC products, we also import and distribute internationally renowned healthcare and consumer products via our island wide distribution network.

  • Morison PLC

  • Morison PLC 620, Biyagama Road, Pethiyagoda, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
  • 011 290 4222
  • www.morison.lk