Kotmale Food Products Pvt Ltd JOBS

Kotmale food products (pvt) Ltd is a registered company committed to provide quality spice products to our customers at affordable prices, and we have been a leading manufacturer of traditional spices and a wide range of other consumer items over the past few decades. We wish to make the life of every Sri Lankan family more comfortable by providing quality goods at easy reach and at moderate and reasonable prices. With this In view we have earned immense credibility for our reputed brand name “Kotmale”, and our vision is not just to be one of the foremost producers, but rather to be a manufacture who could take Sri Lank to its rightful place in the food industry by providing long term success for the nation.

  • Kotmale Food Products (Pvt) Ltd

  • Kotmale Food Products (Pvt) Ltd PO BOX 01, NEW TOWN KOTMALE., Tawalantenne - Talawakele Rd, Tawalantenne
  • 0522 259 522
  • www.kotmale.com