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Commencing commercial operations in 1878 as Chas. P. Hayley and Company, we were incorporated as Hayleys Limited 63 years ago. Embracing innovation and entrepreneurship, we’ve added value for people and businesses across the country and beyond. It is this spirit that has characterised our growth and the building of a strong and successful enterprise that is active in local and global markets. In addition to Sri Lanka, Hayleys today has manufacturing facilities in Indonesia and Thailand, and marketing operations in Australia, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, UK and USA. The Group accounts for 3.53% of Sri Lanka’s Export Income, and 3.4% of Tea and 3.8% of Rubber production.

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  • Hayleys Group No.400, Deans Road, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.
  • 011 269 6331
  • www.hayleys.com