Fortude JOBS

At Fortude, we pride ourselves on our obsession with delivering customer success. We are spurred on by customer feedback like: “the team was savvy, efficient and competent.” “they take their job very seriously, deliver quality results in a timely manner.” “outstanding project management support such that make them act as part of our team.” And we love how customers come back to us for repeat projects as we strive to become their go-to partner for all things tech. We continue to learn new industries to add on to our experience, which currently includes Fashion, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Food and Beverage. We’re a Global Alliance Partner of Infor, and we’re fast becoming a center of excellence for Infor M3 (with over 35 customers acquired).

  • Fortude

  • Fortude (Pvt) Ltd. 146 Kynsey Road, Colombo 7 Sri Lanka
  • 011 453 1531
  • www.fortude.co