Employees Trust Fund Board JOBS

The ETF Board was established under Act No-46 of 1980 and commenced operations on 1st March 1981 under the Ministry of Labour and currently functions under Hon. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa of the Ministry of Finance, Economy, and Policy Development. All public sector employees who are not entitled to the Govt. Pension Scheme and all private sector employees are members of this Fund while their employers are required to remit 3% of the gross earnings of their employees to the Fund, monthly. Hence, unlike the EPF, only the employer makes a contribution on behalf of the employee/member and hence, it is a non-contributory benefit to the member. During the past 38 years, the Fund has grown rapidly and achieved a total Fund of about Rs. 306 Billion by end of December 2018 whilst serving to about 2.6 Million active members on behalf of whom about 79,000 Employers contribute to the Fund.

  • Employees Trust Fund Board

  • Employees Trust Fund Board 1st Floor, Labour Secretariat, P O Box 807, Narahenpita, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka.
  • 011-258 1704
  • www.etfb.lk