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Dipped Products PLC is a world leader in protective hand-wear, with a global reputation for innovation, quality and responsible manufacturing practices. Our vast product range comprises over 300 variants of 124 product varieties of natural and synthetic-latex based supported and unsupported gloves with numerous applications. Over four decades of industry insights have sharpened our understanding of customer needs, enabling us to cater to the diverse needs of customers across 70 countries. We are based in Colombo, Sri Lanka and operate manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka and Thailand. We also have a marketing arm in Italy.

At DPL we channel our resources to provide an integrated solution to customers by combining the key source of raw material, manufacturing excellence, design & developmental capabilities, creative solutions in packaging and logistics.

Through ownership of controlling interests in Kelani Valley plantations, we ensure continuous supply of quality latex to our multiple manufacturing entities. Our solution also leverages highly specialized tools and skills – precision dipping technologies, production tracking methodologies and process flow competencies that are all unique and proprietary to DPL.

We follow a two pronged approach to quality assurance where both our systems as well as the final products are certified.DPL’s inherent creativity and extensive product development capabilities are at the root of our exciting and engaging product offer to customers.

Our extensive experience in providing private labels of leading brands coupled with the capability to create and develop packaging and access to a large number of capable and trustworthy suppliers, allows us to offer a complete solution for the packaging needs of the customer.

The force behind all of these strengths is our employees. The skills and attitudes of our team combined with their industry insights are the key source of competitive strength and the most critical aspect of our value creation process to the customer. At DPL we believe that an organization is only as good as the people who stand behind it.

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