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In 1884 the contribution from the general revenue to the irrigation vote was fixed at Rs.200,000 a year, and in 1887 an Ordinance was passed creating a Central Irrigation Board, with the Governor as the President with provincial irrigation boards to serve the provinces. These provincial boards were under the presidency of Government Agents and consisted of the Provincial Engineer and the Chief Surveyor of each province as members of the Board. Central control of policy and funds were affected by the Central Irrigation Board, which had in addition to the Governor as president, Director of Public Works, Surveyor General and some members of the public too. Officers from the P.W.D were seconded to work in these irrigation boards, in addition to their normal functions in their parent department. Sir Arthur Havelock, at the first meeting of the Central Irrigation Board, which was held on 2nd July 1890 expressed his determination to press on with the work of irrigation. But he found himself obliged to adopt great discrimination and care in sanctioning projects.

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