Co-operative Insurance Co. Ltd JOBS

The First and only insurance company of its kind in Sri Lanka, the Cooperative Insurance Company Limited (CICL) is a true people's champion. Hailed as an inspiration and a boon, this people's insurer plays a vital role in empowering and transforming the Sri Lankan Insurance service sector. A business that literally depends on cooperation among people, CICL operates with the aim of protecting and enriching the lives of their customers in the areas of agriculture, fisheries, purchasing, credit, travel, housing, welfare, and medical care. Champions of the concept of mutual aid and assets, CICL help people to understand the true value behind the concept of ''unity is strength'', using the mutual concept to bring stability and support into people's lives.

  • Co-operative Insurance Co. Ltd

  • “Co-op Insurance House” 74/5, Grandpass Road, Colombo 14.
  • 011 255 7300
  • www.ci.lk