In 1997, RedCorp – a leading B2B supplier of hardware and software in Belgium, chose Sri Lanka as their preferred offshore location to base some of their IT operations. A company named ‘E-Solutions Lanka’ (ESL) was started with Three employees and then rapidly grew within a few years of Operations. By 2006 the operation expanded further with many outsourcing projects in the pipeline, resulting in a specialized offshoring company – CMS (Pvt) Ltd incorporated as a BOI (Board of Investment, Sri Lanka) company in 2007. In 2012, CMS acquired its sister company, E-Solutions Lanka before it moved under a new ownership, spearheading rapid growth & expansion. Today, CMS is an ISO/IEC-27001 company with over 20 years of experience providing IT services to SME clients in Europe & US.

  • CMS Pvt Ltd

  • CMS Pvt Ltd Access Towers, Level 10, 278 Union Pl, Colombo 00200
  • 011 230 0119
  • www.cms.lk