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The name Calcey is a combination of California and Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka). As the name suggests Calcey was formed with the intention of combining innovative Silicon Valley culture with the sizable talent pool for highly skilled engineers in Sri Lanka. Formed in 2002 by Mangala Karunaratne, Calcey Technologies is a boutique software product engineering firm specialized in developing digital products for enterprises and startups worldwide. Prior to starting Calcey Mangala sat on the other side of the table as an Project Manager in Silicon Valley managing an offshore team. He saw first-hand how mismatched cultures and low levels of product ownership by offshore team often doomed such projects, and set out to create a completely different ethos at Calcey.

  • Calcey Technologies

  • Sri Lanka - Colombo 10 Bay #8, Trace Expert City Tripoli Market Square Colombo 10, 01000, Sri Lanka
  • 011 450 2001
  • www.calcey.com