Adaptra Pvt Ltd JOBS

Adaptra BPO Services was founded with the vision of focusing itself on helping customers Promote, Retain/sustain, provide high standard contact call centers for its customers. Adaptra was founded in 2017, having its hub of contact center in the heart of Colombo. We’ve started the contact center touching the Europe, Middle east and South Asia markets, for our first project customer. We have carefully planned and concreted the companies’ existence, taking into consideration the very smallest detail of operations and innovation. Adaptra produces innovative and affordable IT enabled solutions, Call Center setup solutions, Online Consultations solutions setups, Data Entry/ Data Processing / Data Analytics, Tele-marketing solutions, Etc. To realize this vision, we will continually communicate, Learn & feed off our Customers, in order to improve our products, services. We will continue to keep tune with the latest/ enhanced technology, no matter how fast it moves and revolves around us. We always ensure our customers to have the best service available to them at all time.

  • Adaptra Pvt Ltd

  • Adaptra Pvt Ltd 1st floor left wing, No 141/1, High level Road, Nugegoda
  • 011 289 0916
  • www.adaptrabpo.com