Sri Lanka Cricket JOBS

Sri Lanka Cricket as formally known now, was first registered with Ministry of Sports on 30th June 1975 as a national sports body. It was initially called Board of Cricket for Sri Lanka (BCCSL) until it came to be named as Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) in 2003. Sri Lanka Cricket has been the stamp of authority on local cricketing map under the mandate of Ministry of Sports and is focused on upholding the cricketing heritage of the country.

As Sri Lankans have a passion for cricket being its most popular sport with international recognition, Sri Lanka Cricket is on course with multifaceted objectives in ensuring overall development of the sport from grass root level to international level. Due to relentless efforts by Sri Lanka Cricket, Sri Lanka Cricket has become one of our super brand names most known all over the world today. Sri Lanka Cricket has been vested with a scope of responsibilities as indicated below.

  • Sri Lanka Cricket

  • Sri Lanka Cricket 35, Maitland place Colombo 07000 Sri Lanka.
  • 011 268 1601/011 268 1604
  • www.srilankacricket.lk