Richard Pieris and Company PLC JOBS

Richard Pieris & Company PLC (ARPICO) established in 1940 it is one of Sri Lanka's largest conglomerates with interests in manufacturing, engineering, retail and plantation industries. It is a pioneer in the tyre, plantation and rubber industries of Sri Lanka. With a staff strength of more than 25,000 the company's major brands includes Arpitec, Arpidag and Arpico.

Richard Pieris & Company Plc has been touching the lives of Sri Lankans all over the island for 81 years. We have made an incredible mark in the industry and together with a team that is focused on success, have taken our business to new heights. This year, as we celebrate myriad of achievements, we look back on the illustrious years that have brought us to where we are today.

Search any household in Sri Lanka, from the highest to the most humble, and your chances of not finding at least one product manufactured or sold by Richard Pieris and Company PLC are slim indeed. From food products, medicines, general plastic and rubber household goods to foam mattresses and furniture, Sri Lanka's consumers turn to us for an almost incredible variety of products. In the process, they have turned the name of our Company and the Arpico brand into household words across the country.

  • Arpico

  • No: 310, Avissawella Rd, Maharagama 10280
  • 011 431 0500
  • www.arpico.com