Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka JOBS

The Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka (MBSL) & Finance PLC is a leading financial services provider in the country with a rich financial history as Sri Lanka’s pioneer specialist in trade finance and investment banking. MBSL and Finance PLC is listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange and is a finance company licensed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

We are one of the fastest growing financial services providers in the country with a rapidly growing team, expanding branch network and product portfolio, and an increasing customer base. As one of the most stable finance companies in the country, we provide a range of secure investments for your funds, together with financial support for the growth and development of your entire family.

MBSL & Finance PLC’s core business is lending and deposit taking and the provision of investment and advisory solutions.

  • Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka

  • BOC Merchant Tower, No.28, St. Michael's Road, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.
  • 011 471 1711
  • www.mbslbank.com