MAS Holdings Pvt Ltd JOBS

OVERVIEW The passion to innovate at MAS is steered by our promise to always be a 'value addition' partner to our customers by rethinking apparel and its components. With category experts and thought leaders leading change from within combined with strong partnerships with global domain leaders we seek to differentiate ourselves in process, product & business model. We believe innovation is a culture at MAS and is imperative in taking MAS to even greater heights by leveraging on our core competencies and growth in adjacent business areas. At MAS we believe innovation is a science and this allows us to go beyond the requirements of today. Our challenge is to look through the 3 lenses of “what’s needed, what’s required and what’s possible” to identify and develop products that create a unique demand in the global market through a irreplaceable combination of science, technology and persistence.

  • MAS Holdings

  • 10th Floor, Aitken Spence Tower 2, 315, Vauxhall Street, Colombo 02
  • 0114796444
  • www.masholdings.com