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Legal assistance to the vulnerable groups of a country constitutes an important segment of the administration of justice. Legal Aid Commission of Sri Lanka (LAC) is the foremost amongst the various other institutions and organizations that cater to this important requirement, mainly due to its sustainability and stability. Legal Aid Commission was established by the Act No 27 of 1978 and at present it has 84 Centres Island wide. The Legal Aid Commission has undertaken many ambitious projects to achieve the above vision. The Mission of the Legal Aid Commission as stated in the Legal Aid Act No.27 of 1978 is to provide Legal Aid to all the “Deserving Persons” in the Country.. The LAC with over 120 permanent Legal Officers and over 1000 panel lawyers from the regional Bar Associations is the main institution dealing with access to equitable Justice in Sri Lanka.

  • Legal Aid Commission of Sri Lanka

  • LEGAL AID COMMISSION OF SRI LANKA No 129, Hulftsdorp Street, Colombo - 12, Sri Lanka.
  • 011 243 3618
  • www.legalaid.gov.lk