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Caring is what we do at best. Just like the hopes left at sunset and the promising brightness at sunrise, we deliver a promise to each and every single individual across different communities. A promise to hold their hand in time of need, a promise to share your tears, a promise to be with you throughout your journey. Our business is not just about providing insurance solutions, it’s about taking care of you, your loved ones and what matters to you the most. We are an insurance powerhouse backed by the banking giant Hatton National Bank PLC.

HNB Assurance PLC is one of the leading life insurance solution providers, with a range of insurance solutions which offers total protection from the time of dawn to the remarkable golden evening of your life and the few seasons in between which we call the four seasons of life.

Life, a journey just like a river flowing to the great big ocean through many obstacles and through many rough paths, as well as calm placid pools, we will be right beside you through them all. We understand the importance of every little step you take in your life and we ensure support, guidance and more importantly a source of strength throughout your journey.

  • HNB Assurance PLC

  • HNB Assurance PLC, Levels 3 & 4, Iceland Business Center, No. 30, Sri Uttarananda Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.
  • 011 488 3883
  • www.hnbassurance.com